Welcome to the blogspot of my Vampire Gene Immortals.

Here you may learn more about Lilly, Gabriele, Lucrezia and Caesare. You may not always like or agree with their opinions - but I take no responsibility for them ...

Read on at your own peril,

Sam Stone


I am Caesare Borgia - brother of Lucrezia.

What can I say? I lived a very unusual life and I admit I was selfish, controlling and at times unkind to my sister Lucrezia. But not all she'll tell you is strictly the truth.

I want to forget all of that now, I live with Lilly and Gabi and our new apprentice Anja. But in order to learn how this all came about you will have to read the Vampire Gene books. My story is told mostly in Demon Dance and now even more so in Hateful Heart as Sam Stone wanted to understand the turn of events as seen through my less than modern eyes.

I would say our lives are now idyllic - but I don't think I can take our safety for granted anymore.