Welcome to the blogspot of my Vampire Gene Immortals.

Here you may learn more about Lilly, Gabriele, Lucrezia and Caesare. You may not always like or agree with their opinions - but I take no responsibility for them ...

Read on at your own peril,

Sam Stone


My name is Lucrezia Borgia, but I like to change it from time to time. Lucy Collins has served me well on more than one occassion and I use this persona to help me merge with the cattle that is humanity.

Dear reader you seem shocked? But don't be. What else are humans to such as I? You are food, you are sex, you are playthings when I deem fit.

You want to understand me - don't waste your time. Sometimes I'm a doctor, others I am an entrepreneur. At times, when I feel like it, I will help the police to solve a mystery. I know I can do a better job than the average detective, I have other talents at my fingertips that these mere mortals can only conceive of.

For now I'm in hiding - but if you are stupid enough to want to explore my nature, then you can do so in Futile Flame. Sam Stone took down my story and I let her live because it amused me to see it in print. I was less than happy with her interpretation of me in Demon Dance, however. Fortunately she made amends when she used some of the stories I had told her about my life as Lucy Collins - you can read these in Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings. It amuses me to keep Stone alive for now - I have more need of her writing skills yet...