Welcome to the blogspot of my Vampire Gene Immortals.

Here you may learn more about Lilly, Gabriele, Lucrezia and Caesare. You may not always like or agree with their opinions - but I take no responsibility for them ...

Read on at your own peril,

Sam Stone


Hi there. Lilly Johnson here. I first met Gabriele when he disguised himself as a student at Manchester University. I should have stayed clear, but you know how it is - women often feel attraction for the worst kind of men. I didn't realise of course that Gabriele was more than that. He was a vampire and there was nothing romantic about it.

Since I've joined his family, my life has taken a fantastical turn. I have travelled through time, become a witch and can now manipulate ley lines. But I won't tell you more about this, if you want to find out about me then start with Killing Kiss, read Futile Flame and then go onto my main story - Demon Dance and learn along with me the history of the Vampire Gene and why I became Gabi's lover and convert, when so many of his previous lovers died with one fatal kiss.

I love this picture of me from the cover of Sam Stone's book Demon Dance. Strong and sexy and resourceful and powerful. Me to a tee!