Welcome to the blogspot of my Vampire Gene Immortals.

Here you may learn more about Lilly, Gabriele, Lucrezia and Caesare. You may not always like or agree with their opinions - but I take no responsibility for them ...

Read on at your own peril,

Sam Stone


I am Gabriele Caccini and I was born in the sixteenth-century Florence. I grew up in the court of the Medicis and was taught to sing by my Uncle Giulio, who was, if you know your musical history, the founder of the music we call Opera.

As I grew into manhood I became a strong tenor, but that life is all behind me now. Ever since I met my maker Lucrezia Borgia.

Now I'm a vampire. But don't get any ideas that I'm soft and romantic: I'm a killer and never forget that.

If you want to learn more of my life - then read Sam Stone's award winning novel - Killing Kiss. She writes about my life and death with amazing clarity. You can believe it's fiction if it will help you sleep at night ...