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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Chez - Blog 1 - Introduction

Interview with Caesare Borgia at 3.15 am this morning. Now. I'm knackered. But really must return to Hateful Hearts.

Chez: Sam, I'm not sure what this blogging is. Can you explain it to me?

Sam: Oh. God. How to explain blogging to a 16th Century vampire who was lost in a hell dimension for two hundred years ...? Erm. It's like a diary, only everyone can see it. I guess that's the easiest way to explain it.

Chez: Why would I want to do anything like that?

Sam: To please me?

Chez: (Laughs) Well you are writing my story for me...

Sam: (Smiling) Yes! And I'm enjoying it too.

Chez: But what you're asking is that I put my thoughts out there for everyone to see ...

Sam: I guess so. But you don't have to reveal anything that you'd like to keep private. And obviously, I'll be vetting it for spoilers. We don't want the readers learning anything about the events in Hateful Hearts just yet.

Chez: Not even about the Knights Templar?

Sam: Especially not the Knights Templar. We could talk about your early years in the house of the Borgias.

Chez: (shakes his head) No. I don't want to talk about it. It feels like another world now.

Sam: Well, what about your thoughts on this world? I know you like to watch the news.

Chez: It's a very dark world.

Sam: Even more so at the moment. I'm bloody sick of this snow and frost ...

Chez: The cold does not affect us. But our surroundings do. There are many bad things that happen in the world. But mortals seem to be less affected by them than we do.

Sam: We are affected. We just pretend to ignore it. Otherwise we'd be worried about it all the time and then, we'd actually forget to enjoy ourselves. If you're mortal you try not to think about death and disease.

Chez: Mortality is awful.

Sam: It sucks! If you forgive the pun ... But don't let's not get too maudling on that or you'll depress me.

Chez: I understand. But how then, do you bear to write horror ...?

Sam: Hey! I thought I was interviewing you? (Laughs)

Chez: (Smiles - showing a large amount of very sexy fang) All right. Say I do want to 'blog'. You know I'm not much good with tecnology...

Sam: Yeah. Lilly told me about the mobile phone incident ...

Chez: (Laughs) That was very funny actually, even if I say so myself ...

Sam: Well. If you have got some thoughts you'd like to share, we could do it like this ... like a Q and A.

Chez: Q and A?

Sam: Sorry. Question and answer session. Just give me a subject you'd like to talk about and, well, I'll ask you questions and write down your answers. Pretty much how we're working on the book really. Except that mostly you're just telling me your thoughts and I'm just transcribing them.

Chez: I'll think on it.

Sam: Good. 'Cos the readers are very interested in you ...

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