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Monday, 20 December 2010

Lilly - Blog 1 - Introduction

I'm Lilly, oldest of the vampires and the ultimate source of the vampire gene. Currently I'm indulging my sexual fantasies with my lovers, Gabriele and Ceasare.

Chez is naturally finding this a little easier than Gabi, since he is not of a jealous nature. We live in a secret lair, underneath a castle in North Wales. But don't get any ideas that if you turn up there we'll even talk to you, or turn you. For a start you'd have to be a carrier of the gene, or rather you'd have to have it in your DNA.

We're a little fussy about who we share our lives with, so you're more likely to become a meal than a new member of the family. If that's your bag, then come on over, blood donors are always welcome.

By the way, I'm looking for a new Renfield. My last one died of severe anemia... Anyone out there any good with fixing heating and air-conditioning units? You won't remember a thing about how to get in the lair, nor even being there at all. But I'll make sure you have some benefits, a mysterious reward placed in your bank account perhaps? Does that appeal at all?

Anyway, hit me with your comments ... I may answer, if the mood takes me.

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