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Thursday, 23 December 2010

What Vampires Do for Christmas...

I couldn't help it. I just had to ask Lilly and Lucrezia what their plans were for the holidays. Here's What they said: Sam x

Lilly Says:

It's Chez's first Christmas in the 21st Century, so Gabi and I are planning to make it extra special. We're trying to give him a little taste of what it's like in the UK at Christmas time. Unfortunately the only impression he's been able to get so far is that basically it's very commercial. Religion doesn't mean much to us, although Chez says he'd rather like to go to mass on Christmas Eve. He was brought up Catholic after all. Anyway, we've been taking him Christmas shopping. Last week we visited the Trafford Centre and it was heaving with people, despite the heavy snow.

Chez liked it there. He was ogling quite a few necks and pointed out that he would love to eat Chinese ... Luckily the beautiful little Chinese girl he spotted didn't hear and therefore didn't run screaming from the place.

I know this sounds weird - us going buying presents - but I think living as mortals, as much as we can, will keep us grounded and make us less boring. I was watching that series 'True Blood' on sky recently. It showed a vampire's lair as being very decadent and political. I can't think of anything more boring than us all being at logger heads. I would really hate it if we ended up so cliched. Although, Gabi and I love watching the series ... it's hilarious.

The boys went off together to buy me some presents and I was able to do a little shopping for them. When they came back they were all secret smiles.

I think Chez is enjoying the normality. It's what he needs right now. He's been through a lot.

Lucrezia Says:

Christmas? Are you mad? What do I care about that nonsense! Listen, I know my father was a Pope but I walked away from religion a long time ago. Christmas Day is just another day to me.

I'll be working the grave yard shift at the morgue as I always do. Currently, I'm devising a diagnostic kit to help me recognise the carriers of the vampire gene. It's something similar to a blood glucose meter, except that it isn't checking blood sugar levels. I think I've almost cracked it too. Yes, I know Lilly can recognise them... But it's not a skill the rest of us has. Or at least it isn't something she's willing to teach us to do.

Anyway, the labs are pretty quiet over the holidays so I can do my own research without being disturbed.

Don't get me wrong, people still die during Christmas but we just stash the bodies until afterwards. The lab techs won't give up bank holidays for anything. Even so, there always has to be someone manning the morgue. You wouldn't believe how many bodies disappear when the place is left unattended. I'm still investigating the incident from last winter.

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