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Sam Stone

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lucrezia Says:


I've interrupted my busy schedule and research to tell you about how I dictated a few stories about my life to Sam Stone a few months ago. We met several times in Manchester centre. Had coffee, not that I'm particular for it, and Sam brought along a recording device which she said would help her to be as accurate in the details as possible.

I didn't think much would come of it, but now, I believe, she has published the stories in a new horror collection called 'Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings'. Naturally I'm pleased that she chose to use the title one of my stories as the main name for this collection... The story Zombies in New York tells the tale of my Renfield, Rocco, and what that idiot got up to while I was away on business. You can't get good help these days ...

There is a section that opens the book entitled 'Lucrezia's Stories' and I hope you miserable mortals are going to buy this and check up on what I'm currently doing. Inside these pages you'll find out about my exploits in various centuries and cities, from Manchester to New York, Stockholm to Paris and also in Victorian England where I came across Jack the Ripper in Fool's Gold. If you want a little titillation you'll find some eroticism in Tar and Red. But I advise you take care when dealing with Angels as I had a little trouble with one of them a while back... In Paris I was involved in the Moulin Rouge - naturally there is no historical reference to this but if you want to know how I became involved then check out the first story in the collection, Ameline.

Of course Sam will make out they all came from her imagination ... and I'll admit she's probably fictionalised them quite a lot ...

If you want to learn about these times in my life then order a copy of the book now from Telos Publishing. You should also check out the book cover which was designed by award winning artist Vincent Chong. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing the artwork inside too, by artist Russell Morgan, as Sam says it illustrates the stories and poems beautifully.

Anyway, if you pre-order this book before the LA launch apparently you'll get some special free gift from Sam Stone's Merchandise range. But this is only available for pre-orders so act now to avoid disappointment.

Oh - and let me know what you think of the stories ... I only hope she hasn't said anything misleading about me... Again.

Lucrezia Borgia
AKA Lucy Collins

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