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Monday, 10 January 2011

Gabriele Says:

My Hobbies

Okay - so you want to know what a 400 year old vampire does in his spare time? Well, other than feeding - which I do enjoy immensely, I like to observe your society through film and TV.

Immortality is wonderful. But sometimes the days, weeks, months and years can be long. I don't work, obviously, but I do have a company that keeps control of my finances. We all need them after all. Don't be surprised by that ... how else do you think I can live this discrete lifestyle? I have several houses all over the world. Quite a few of them in the UK - an apartment in Manchester as you know and I have a house, mansion really, in Surrey. Although we haven't been spending much time there lately.

I like to travel - sometimes a quick exit has been essential. I also have several identities. Lilly says I'm like 'James Bond' with my obsession with new IDs, but you can never be too paranoid. The last thing any of us needs is to be caught by the authorities. I for one don't want to end up a lab rat with my fangs filed - Spike was quite a depressive when that happened to him in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

Lilly, who is reading this over my shoulder, has just told me to point out to you that I do know the difference between fiction and reality and realise that Spike and Buffy are just characters in a TV show. But, I stand by my paranoia. It's not impossible - after all I remember Roswell all too well...

Other hobbies include watching vampire movies. I just think most of them are hilarious. One of the worst I saw lately was '30 Days of Nights' where we were portrayed as being shark-like and also shown to have no mercy for our own kind. Erm ... Well we are blood thirsty monsters, I've never denied that. In fact I'd hate for anyone to think me a wimp at all. There's no angsting and nonsense going on in our world. Blood is blood and we'll take it when we feel like it. These days I'm incredibly happy with my immortality and accepting of my blood lust. But - seriously ...? Would we be so stupid as to wipe out an entire town? I think not. Having said that, like most vampire movies, it was good for a laugh.

Among my favourite renditions of vampires has to be Bela Lugosi's, for his deeply sinister and provocative performance. I loved Frank Langella and Louis Jordan too. All very moving and sexy - I think they were good role models for me in the 20th Century. Seduction played such a large part of the game then. Later, in the 80's, it was Chris Sarandon in 'Fright Night' - that was very cool. Loved his coat. Of course when it comes to lovable rogues - you just have to admire James Marsters as Spike.

I understand a lot more about your culture through film. Vampires and immortality never seems to go out of favour, or at least, I noticed that every few years, what happens is that you have a new villain that everyone loves to hate.

I suppose what I'm saying is. I really don't mind being the next bad boy. I understand how these things work, and deep down, you really won't believe I'm real anyway.

So my latest hobby may well be blogging a bit more for you. After all, I'm not so inhuman that I don't like a little bit of adoration. Don't make the mistake of thinking I've been tamed though. If I meet you in a dark alley, some day soon, it won't matter to me if you're a follower: I'll still drink you dry if the mood dictates.

Gabi x

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  1. I'm right with you on your film vampires, until we reach Louis Jourdan. There our opinions differ; I thought he was appalling, lacklustre, and more wooden than the stake that killed him. Also preferred Angel to Spike, as Angel has a much darker sense of humour.

    Vampires watching telly.... it'll make your eyes go square, Gabi!! D.x


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