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Monday, 14 November 2011

About the Planet

I was looking the other day at statistics on the state of the world. How much natural fuel remains for example. How many births there are every second in comparison to how few deaths. I asked Lilly about it because she was doing something called 'surfing' on the internet. I am getting a little better with the laptop. It's easy for me to type but I sometimes don't understand the technology. It's all a bit like voodoo at times.

The planet seems to be in a bit of a mess. There are not enough deaths to the ratio of births for definite. Even my old-fashioned brain can figure that one out. The planet's oil resources - last time I looked - would deplete in 15,360 days or so. Which is 42 years approximately. That may seem like a lot of years to you - but believe me in my lifetime that is a blink of the eye. Lilly assures me, however, that it won't matter one jot to us as some human will discover a new source of energy. I don't care anyway. Horses and carriages was a perfectly good mode of transport and because we fly, air travel is not needed anyway.

Lilly told me that people now have to pay for carrier bags in the welsh supermarkets as this is the way they are trying to discourage you from using so many of them.  It's something to go with the fact that the bags don't deteriorate in landfill - I had to get her to explain landfill. when I understood what it meant it made me realise just how much humanity had messed up.

Anyway - I just wanted to say - you should take better care of this planet. We immortals are going to inhabit it for a long time and I would appreciate it if you all stopped having so many children too - although I do know a very good way of culling a few of you.

Chez Borgia

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