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Monday, 7 November 2011

Now, Voyager - Lilly Says ...

After Gabi was so enthusiastic about the Bette Davis film, Now, Voyager, I sat down and watched it this morning.

As Gabi says, for the time, it is well-written. But I had some major issues with it.

One: Charlotte Vale (Bette Davis) fell in love with Jerry Durrance (Paul Henreid) on a voyage while recovering from a nervous breakdown. She knows from the start that the guy is married, but is told by his friends that this is a very unhappy marriage. All clear so far? Then she spends five days alone with him (presumably having an affair but this is all very discreet) and afterwards the guy just goes back to his wife. They promise to not see each other again - but Durrance sends Camellias to her regularly as a present. It's my opinion that Durrance is an abusive asshole. If he's so unhappy as is implied, why doesn't he leave the wife and be with the woman he says he's in love with?

Two: Charlotte Vale starts to have yet another breakdown when her goddamn awful mother dies during an argument with her. She feels guilty but inherits all of her mother's substantial wealth - wrong! This is the moment of true freedom and so she should be jumping for joy!

Three: Vale goes back to the loony clinic and finds Durrance's ugly duckling daughter there. She's having therapy because Durrance's wife never wanted her ... same scenario as Vale herself. Vale makes an attempt to befriend the daughter and decides not to have her guilt breakdown over her mother's death. Does anyone else see the problem with this scenario but me?

Four: Vale decides to take the daughter camping - and then to live in her expensive mansion in Boston. Erm ... the doctor just lets her take his 12 year old patient away ... strange behaviour indeed.

Five: When Durrance learns that his daughter's new friend is Vale, he doesn't say - 'Oh my God you creepy stalker ...' which actually might be a little closer to the truth. He says 'I love you and agrees to let her keep his kid and pretend she is 'theirs'.

Mmmm. Not very realistic really in today's society Gabi. Although I don't deny that the execution of the plot was in fact well-done.

Maybe it's my twenty-first-century girl's mind that just doesn't get it, but this scenario taking place today would require a court injunction.


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