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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Now, Voyager

Gabi Says:

A little bored yesterday and so I found myself, with the greatest of ease, watching a black and white film I haven't seen for a very long time. As you know I enjoy the cinema as well as the theatre. Old movies have a fascination for me, however in recent years I have been more devoted to watching horror movies. They are, for the most part, quiet hilarious.

A change of pace then - Now, Voyager. A film staring that gorgeous, big-eyed beauty Bette Davis. I met her of course in the 50's when she was at the height of her fame. But I digress ...

Now, Voyager tells the story of the plain-Jane, Charlotte Vale: an aging spinster who is at the mercy of her vindictive mother. Charlotte is always aware that she was the pregnancy and baby that her mother never wanted. Through a series of flashbacks you see the damage the mother has done to the woman, ruining her chances of marriage, not allowing her to cut her hair, chose her own clothing, or even diet when she becomes overweight. She is in fact a slave to her mother.

That's all I'm going to tell you of the plot - you will have to see the film for yourself. I will say this though, I was amazed at how well this one has stood the test of time, especially with my changing tastes in cinema. It was a very well constructed story, extremely well acted and I thoroughly enjoyed lying around in the lair watching it while Lilly, Chez and Anja went out clothing shopping - again.

Somewhat hilarious that I am recommending this film to you ... but watching Bet, reminding me of a night long ago, when she almost became one of my trophies. She was a wise woman with a future and destiny of her own to fulfil. No full blooded male could fail to find her completely fascinating though, and I for one, fell under her spell like millions of males at that time.

Gabriele Caccini

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